Sydney Melby
Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Favorites-
Biggest fear- Hypothermia Animal- Walrus
Siblings- Karena Melby Movie- Back to the future
Pets name- Leia and Rajnaghanda Sport- Underwater Basket weaving
Talents/good at- Singing Team to watch- Wildcats
Pet Peeve- When people chew loudly Place to eat- Los Ranotas
Spirit animal- Barbara Streisand's nose YouTuber- Akilah 
Zodiac sign- Taurus Music App- Pandora 
If I could learn to do anything, what would it be?- Speak every language  Social site- Instagram
Makes me sad- Bad weather and Tomi Lahren Color- Yellow
If my pet could talk, what would it say?- "I'm dumb" Hair color- Blonde
Who would you want with you if you were stranded on an island? Dwight K. Shrute, he's a skilled hunter Clothing brand- Hollister
My hero- Marcella Melby Phone brand- Apple
Words to live by- Before I do anything, I ask myself, "Would a fool do that?" RLCC employee- Mr. Swenson
I get news from- CNN Flower/Plant/Tree- Big Ash
"Old Person" thing do I do- Call Jetpacks "Rocketbelts" Car brand- 1991 Conversion Van
  Class during HS years- Pre-calc
  Town/City/Country- Gatzke
  Weather/Seasons- Summer
  Song/Artist- "Where is my hairbrush" - Larry the Cucumber
  App- Instagram
  Hobby- Playing guitar
  Board game- Clue
  Holiday- Passover  

Contact: Sarah Christensen