Jayden Fore

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Favorites-
Biggest fear- No fears Animal- Peetah (Penguin+Cheetah)
Future plans- Become a daberate master Movie- Manos; The Hands of Fate
Siblings- Ezra Herby Fore Actor/Actress- Mr. Swenson
Weird fact none of my friends know about me- Super good rapper Food- General TSo's Chicken and Hawaiian Pizza
Pet Peeve- When you lose something and someones asks "Where'd you put it?" Electronic device- Crockpot
Spirit animal- Cobra Sport- Football
Zodiac sign- Gemini Team to watch- Vikings
If I could learn to do anything, what would it be?- Sleep with one eye open Place to eat- McDonalds
Makes me sad- In the movie Inside Out when Bing Bong dies YouTuber- Ory Martin Snake Hunter
If my pet could talk, what would it say?- Meow Music App- Sound Cloud
Who would you want with you if you were stranded on an island? Joey from "Friends" Social site- Snap-a-gram
My hero- Cousin Jolene Color- Purple
Nickname- Jaydar, Jay, Dawg, Chipmunk, The Hammer Hair color- Gold
Longest I've gone without sleep- 365 days Clothing brand- Nike
Words to live by- "Don't fall"- Dad Phone brand- Apple
I get news from- Mr. Huie RLCC employee- Mr.Strutz or Mr.P
"Old Person" thing do I do- Eat Malt O Meal Flower/Plant/Tree- Hibiscus
Spiciest thing I've eaten- Peruvian Puff Pepper Car brand- Slugbug
  Number- 42
  Class during HS years- Anatomy
  Town/City/Country- Asia
  Weather/Seasons- Football Season
  Song/Artist- Pablo Picasso
  App- Madden Mobile
  Hobby- Pounding Hannah like a meat grinder
  Board game- Monopoly
  Holiday- Thanksgiving

Contact: Sarah Christensen