Tyler Jensen

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Favorites-
Biggest fear- Clowns Animal- Tiger 
Future plans- Welding Movie- Longest Yard
Siblings- 5 Actor/Actress- Jim Carey
Pets name- FeFe Food- Hotdogs
Talents/good at- Frolf Electronic device- Phone
Spirit animal- Sloth Sport- Football
Zodiac sign- Capricorn Team to watch- Packers
If I had a million dollars what would I spend it on?- Frolf Disc Place to eat- McDonalds
If my pet could talk, what would it say?- "Shut up, you dummy" YouTuber- Happy Shotgun
My hero- Mr. Nelson Music App- Spotify
Nickname- Flash Social site- MySpace
Longest I've gone without sleep- 2 days Color- Green
Words to live by- Effort-Energy-Execute Hair color- Brown
I get news from- CNN Clothing brand- Basic
Spiciest thing I've eaten- A ghost pepper Phone brand- ZTE
  RLCC employee- Kory Baril
  Flower/Plant/Tree- Oak Tree
  Car brand- Chevy
  Number- 66
  Class during HS years- 2018
  Town/City/Country- Plummer
  Weather/Seasons- Winter
  Song/Artist- Lil Yachty
  App- Tinder
  Hobby- Frisbee golf
  Board game- Sorry
  Holiday- My Birthday


Contact: Sarah Christensen