RLCC High School Vision Statement
A place where students and staff take RESPONSIBILITY for their EFFORTS, their CHOICES and their RELATIONSHIPS”



SUMMER OFFICE HOURS The office will be open Monday-Thursday for the summer from 6:00 - 4:00.

SUMMER MEALS Did your child participate in free or reduced-price school meals? Because schools are closed, a new program can help provide a food benefit, take a moment to apply for P-EBT. Apply today at www.mn.p-ebt.org

BEHIND THE WHEEL has resumed. Rhonda Vettleson will be in touch for scheduling and everyone will be required to wear a mask. You need to let Mrs. Vettleson know when you get your permit so she can get you scheduled to drive.

YEARBOOKS can be purchased in advance for $40 each. Please mail check to RLCC HS Annual, PO Box 100, Oklee, MN  56742

COVID-19 AND MENTAL HEALTH - if you are experiencing overwhelming anxiety at this time, you can call the mobile crisis line at 800-282-5005 or text MN to 741741. Don't be afraid to reach out for help, you are not alone.





Students are expected to bring paper and writing utensils to class each day, below is a list of additional items teachers have requested students to bring.

7th & 8th grade Math
1 – Durable two-pocket folder
2 - 70 count spiral notebooks
Continuous supply of pencils and erasers
Colored pencils and fine point markers (optional)


7th & 8th grade Social Studies
Composition journal and above listed items including a folder, notebook, pens/pencils.


7th & 8th grade English

1 composition journal for writing (the kind that are permanently bound)

Notebook for notes and pencils


Earbuds or earphones

Colored pencils (optional)


9th & 10th grade English

Notebook for notes and pencils/pens


Senior High English (11-12 Aakhus)

1 composition journal for writing

Notebook for notes and pencils

Colored pencils (optional)

Earbuds or earphones


Physical Education
All students in Phy Ed are required to dress for gym. Tennis shoes, t-shirt, and shorts or sweat pants are preferred. A gym locker can be assigned for a $5 deposit - the deposit will be refunded to the student or applied to fees not paid during year-end checkout when the lock is returned.

Band and Choir

Band students that play a wind instrument must have the corresponding reeds, slide oil, slide grease, valve oil, cork grease, cleaning swabs, etc. in addition to their working instrument. If a student does not have their own instrument, they will be able to rent one from the school. Percussionists are highly encouraged to obtain their own concert snare sticks (Innovative Percussion Steve Cambell Snare Drum Sticks is most preferred).

Concert Black formal wear that is all black and will be used for concert performances. Any formal attire that is all black is acceptable. This includes skirts, dresses, dress slacks, dress shirt, dress shoes, dress socks, tights/nylons with skirt/dress, etc. Please contact Mr. Johanneck at rjohanneck@rlcc.k12.mn.us with questions.



Contact: sgunderson@rlcc.k12.mn.us