Noah Bakken

  Animal- Cat
  Movie- Send It
  Actor/Actress- Ricky Bobbie
  Food- Pizza
  Electronic device- Phone
  Sport- Golf
  Team to watch- Wolves 
  Place to eat- Noodles and Company
  YouTuber- Rhett Boys
  Music App- Pandora
  Social site- Internet
  Color- Blue
  Hair color- Brown
  Clothing brand- Anything
  Phone brand- Apple
  Flower/Plant/Tree- Willow Tree
  Car brand- Chevy
  Number- 32
  Class during HS years- 2018
  Town/City/Country- Brooks 
  Weather/Seasons- Fall
  Song/Artist- Shinedown
  App- Money App
  Hobby- Building things
  Board game- Send It 
  Holiday- Christmas


Contact: Sarah Christensen