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                                                     ISD 2906 RED LAKE COUNTY CENTRAL FEES
Breakfast & Lunch Prices   Athletic School Year Passes
BREAKFAST     Family Ticket $80.00
Elementary $2.00   Couple Ticket $70.00
High School $2.00   Adult Ticket $50.00
School Quarter (43 days) $86.00   Admission Prices/Sports
Year $344.00   Adult $6.00
Reduced and Free FREE   Student $4.00
Adult $2.25   RLCC High School Student Free with pass in hand
      RLCC Elementary Student Free with pass in hand &
        accompanied by parent
LUNCH     Participation Fees Per Activity
Elementary $3.00   Grades 7 & 8 $40.00
Elementary Quarter (43 days) $129.00   Grades 9-12 $60.00
Elementary Year $516.00   Fine Arts/Speech/Knowledge Bowl $25.00
High School $3.50   (Maximum of $150.00 per season)
High School Quarter (43 days) $150.50   Computer Fee
High School Year $602.00   School Computer $50.00
Reduced and Free FREE   School Computer with completed meal application $25.00
Milk $0.40  
Milk/43 days $17.20   Lock Fee (High School) $5.00
Adult $5.00   Behind-The-Wheel $280.00
      Classroom $80 Behind Wheel $200  
Juice $0.50   Not in district or school: Classroom $120
      Behind Wheel $300
For the 2022-2023 school year a $50.00 Technology Fee will be assessed to each student in
Kindergarten through 12th Grade for the use of a device. This will be an annual non-refundable fee
that must be paid by each student before they are allowed to take a device home. This change
is mentioned in the Computer Use and Internet Acceptable Use Policy/Handbook.
For families who complete the confidential Free/Reduced Meal Application, the technology
fee will be reduced to $25.00 per student. These forms are found in your back-to-school packets,
will be available at Open House and are available by contacting the elementary or high school office.
All families that complete the form will receive the technology free reduction whether they
qualify or not. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please contact the school
office if you have any additional questions.

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