Trap Team Schedule, Spring 2023

  • Meets are Wednesday afternoons at 4:30PM. In case of bad weather, the meet will be on the following Friday at the same time.
  • Registration is currently closed.
  • March 20th -- Deadline for athlete registration
  • Advisory period on Wednesday March 29th  -- Mandatory safety meeting in (Mr. Illies' room) at the school for new members. NRA shotgun safety, NRA marksmanship program, RSO guidelines, and about the game.
  • April 5th - Practice 2  --  Now practice 1/2
    • Returning athletes will shoot rounds
    • New athletes will finish NRA Shotgun training and then progress through the following:
      • Patterning and fitting shotguns – Shoot on pattern boards and check fit and point of impact.
      • Trap shooting rules and etiquette.  Stance on station, leads, and other tips.
      • Practice tracking and shooting slow, straight targets.
      • As possible, practice on more difficult targets.
  • April 12th - Reserve Week - do not miss this event!! 
  • April 19th - Competition 1
  • April 26th - Competition 2
  • May 3rd - Competition 3
  • May 10th - Competition 4
  • May 17th - Competition 5
  • May 24th - Fun Shoot
  • League Championship in Alexandria, MN will be in June. The date and station will be announced after the team leagues are established.

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