Resources for Breathing and Coping

You’ve probably heard “just breathe” a million times, and maybe noticed that actually taking the time to take deep breaths helps you feel more centered and calm—but did you ever think about why? Deep breaths send oxygen to the brain, soothing the amygdala, a small area in the middle of each hemisphere that acts as the brain’s alarm system. Try the sphere and shoulder roll breathing techniques to alleviate stress and restore calm.

Sphere Breath

Put your fingertips together and form a sphere with your two hands. As you inhale, inflate the sphere. As you exhale, flatten your hands together. Imagine your belly filling with air as your hands expand to form a sphere.

Shoulder Roll Breath

Take a deep breath in through your nose and roll your shoulders up to your ears as you inhale. Breathe out through your mouth and roll your shoulders down as you exhale. Repeat slowly in a continuous movement of shoulder rolls, timed with the breath. This should feel awesome.

Quick 5-4-3- 2-1 Grounding Activity
This is a quick mindful activity that forces a spinning, anxious mind to re-orient to the present moment. Grounding skills are helpful in managing overwhelming or intense emotions. Ask yourself: 
- What are 5 things you see in the room or space you are in right now?
- 4 things you can touch or feel with your body (e.g., the chair on my back, feet  n the floor, fingers on the table)?
- 3 things you hear (e.g., a car, the clock, the humming of the vent)?
- 2 things you smell or taste (or like to smell and taste)?
- And then take 1 mindful breath

Youtube channels discussing coping skills and strategies for kids:

Here are some Youtube channels you can check out that discusses coping strategies for kids : 

  1. Deep breathing shape exercises
  2. Coping skills for kids Cue Card Discover Pack
  3. Meditation for kids
  4. Relaxing music for kids
  5. Magic shell mediation for kids

 If you are feeling stressed try one of these 15 coping mechanisms for kids and adults.

1. Deep breathing using bubbles

2. Remember the words to a song you love

3. Calming jar

4. Play with a pet

5. Create a music playlist

6. Write what is bothering you and throw it away

7. Make a comic strip of what happened and what you can do next time

8. Jump rope

9. Yoga

10. Make an obstacle course

11. Talk to someone you trust

12. Use positive self-talk

13. Take a shower or a bath

14. Bake or cook

15. Laugh [watch YouTube videos or movies that encourage laughter]

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