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October is here.  Lots of fun activities set up for during class time and during our evening events.  This month we will be looking at the letters: “Ss” and “Pp”.  We will be talking about safety, scarecrows, sorting, shells, shapes, spiders, pigs, pizza, purple, pumpkins and peanut butter.  Continue to ask who, what, where, why and when questions and looking for the letters of the Alphabet as you read every day!!

**We try to go outside when it is at least above 20 degrees—please send hats, mittens and warm clothes with your child—please label.

**This month ask your child about the fire hall play area and later in the month the different costumes for them to wear.

**The classroom could use some small prizes for the good rester prize box.

Days: October 9, 10(preschool screening), 11, 16, 17, 18(MEA Break)
We will be looking at the letter: “Ss”
Young group:  Boost up (music and movement)or outside play, spiders on shapes, hiding the spider, squirrel books and songs, coloring spiders, play dough and safety information. 
NO class on the 10th—PRESCHOOL SCREENING.

Older Group:  Boost-up (music and movement) or outside play, scarecrows, shells, seasons, mystery can, spider books and games, I-pad ABCs, and guessing jar.

Days:  October 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 and November 1
We will be looking at the letter: “Pp”
Young Group:  Boost-up (music and movement) or outside play, pig books, coloring with pink, pancake matching shapes, pumpkin books and songs, finger painting, pumpkin shapes with paper snips.
Older Group:   Boost-up (music and movement) or outside play, pancake songs and books, pancakes for snack, mystery can, pizza books and songs, peperoni counting book, paper plate pizzas, guessing jar: How many peanuts?, purple cow drink for snack, pumpkin books and games, and pass the pumpkin.

And much, much more!!


Check out our RLCC ECFE events we have planned for this month!!

Join us when you can!!

Questions:  School number 465-4222 ext. 218 or home 698-4449 or
E-mail: mhamrum@rlcc.k12.mn.us 

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