ISD 2906, Red Lake County Central Schools

School District News, by Superintendent Guetter



ISD 2906, Red Lake County Central Schools

School District News, by Superintendent Guetter

December 2018



2018 is quickly drawing to a close, with the last day of school being Friday, December 21.  I’d like to wish you and your family a wonderful and glorious Christmas break. School will resume on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.  


School District Enrollment and finances.  Student enrollment has increased slightly over the past few years and we are currently at 383.  Student enrollment has the most direct effect on a public school’s revenue, and with the school board’s oversight on expenses, our financial status is solid.  In fact, local school property taxes decreased significantly in 2018 and will have a 0.58% increase for 2019. And the facility school bonds issued in 2012 will be paid off after 2020 for Oklee and 2022 for Plummer.


WINTER SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES ARE UNDERWAY!  Nick Cervantes and Cameron Lundeen are the new wrestling coaches, and Tyrell Hamrum is our new Theatre Director.  Girl’s and Boy’s basketball for grades 3 through 12 are also practicing and even have a few games in already. Please come out and support our students.


PLEASE MAKE A SPECIAL EFFORT TO FILL OUT AND RETURN YOUR FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATIONS.  And yes almost any change in income, family size or situation are factors in qualifying for the program in addition to the many benefits for the School District, such as……………

  1. Yes for your own benefit, and the price of breakfast and lunches for your children.  Any student that qualifies for the “reduced” meal will actually receive a free meal.  Kindergarten and pre-Kindergarten students also receive free breakfast.

  2. The School district benefits.  Our Schools had received over $350,000 of revenue from State and Federal funding in 2013-14, but that amount has dropped by over $188,000.  All of this is based upon the percentage of students that qualify for free or reduced meals.  

  3. Qualifying for grants, both State and Federal grants are almost always related to the percentage of FREE & REDUCED MEAL percentage of the school.

  4. EVERYONE DOES BENEFIT.   The bottom line is, the STATE & FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS have decided to provide a free breakfast and lunch to all families/students that qualify.  Sometimes I hear a comment about the thought that the people that pay for meals are then covering the cost of the program meals- well that is wrong, as we receive more in reimbursement for the program meals than what we charge for paid meals.  Which basically means that the program helps out everyone by keeping the meal prices lower for everyone.

  5. And the higher the percentage of students that qualify the more money the schools gets and the more opportunities that are available for grants and other programs to help meet the needs of our students.  

  6. State programs directly related to free & reduced lunch rates, voluntary pre-Kindergarten program for four year olds.  RLCC was awarded funding to help support a voluntary pre-Kindergarten program for four-year-olds, with no charge to parents.  We would not have received this without your help in applying for the free & reduced meals program.


Therefore, please fill out and return the forms to either school site at any time of the year.  If you would like assistance in filling out the form, please call either school and we can help you.  All information is confidential. If you have any questions, please call the school or stop in.


Thank you for all you do in supporting the education and experiences of the students of RLCC!


Superintendent Jim Guetter



RLCC Schools, where students acquire knowledge, skills & attitudes to enable them to lead productive lives while contributing to society.


RLCC High School Vision Statement

“A place where students and staff take RESPONSIBILITY for their EFFORTS, their CHOICES and their RELATIONSHIPS”


RLCC Elementary Vision Statement




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