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May 16 - 21


5/16   MONDAY

Practice @ PLUMMER: Varsity Track pick up at 5:40

Practice @ RLF: Baseball 3:05 to RLF

GAMES: JH Golf (boys) at Lake Park/Audobon TBD

V/JH Softball at Blackduck 4:30 2:15 OK

JH Track at Roseau 3:30 RLF picks up at 1:15



5/17  TUESDAY 

Practice @ RLF: JH Baseball 3:05 to RLF

GAMES: Varsity Track at Mahnomen 2:30 RLF picks up at 12:45

V/JV Baseball at Roseau 4:30 RLF picks up at 2:00

JH Golf (girls) at Mahnomen 2:00 TBD

V/JV Softball vs. Northern Freeze in Oklee 4:30


Practice @ OKLEE: Softball pick up at 5:20

Practice @ RLF: Track, Baseball 3:05 to RLF



5/19   THURSDAY  

Practice @ Plummer: JH Track pick up at 5:40

Practice @ RLF: Golf (girls) 3:05 to RLF

GAMES: Varsity Track at Ada 4:00 1:15 OK/2:00 RLF

V/JV Baseball at Fosston 5:00 (JV after) RLF picks up at 3:30

JH Baseball at Warroad (DH) 4:30 & 6:00 RLF picks up at 1:45

V/JH Softball at Fertile 4:30 3:00 OK/BR

JH Golf (boys) at Ada TBD

5/20   FRIDAY  

Practice @ RLF: Varsity Track, All Golf 3:05 to RLF

GAMES: JH Track in TRF 4:00 2:15 OK

V/JV/JH Baseball vs. Sacred Heart in RLF 2:00 12:30 to RLF

V/JH Softball vs. Bagley at 1:00 in Oklee

V/JH Softball vs. Cass Lake-Bena 5:00 in Oklee

5/21  SATURDAY  

GAMES: Varsity Baseball vs West Marshall TBD

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