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October 25-30




10/25   MONDAY

Practice @ OKLEE: FB, XC                                                                          back with RLF

GAME: VB Pigtail                                                                                         TBD



10/26   TUESDAY

Practice @ OKLEE: VB, XC                                                                         pick up at 5:20                                   

GAMES: FB Section Quarterfinal                                                                 TBD




Practice @ OKLEE: VB, XC                                                                         pick up at 5:20                                    

Practice @ RLF: 9-12 FB                                                                               3:05 to RLF                                       



10/28   THURSDAY

Practice @ OKLEE: XC                                                                                 on your own                           

Practice @ RLF: 9-12 FB                                                                               3:05 to RLF                                       

GAME: VB Section Play-In                                                                          TBD




10/29   FRIDAY

Practice @ OKLEE: FB                                                                                 back with RLF                                   

GAMES: Varsity XC at Bagley                                                                     TBD – Oklee drives

            VB Section Quarters                                                                           TBD




GAME: FB Section Semifinal                                                                       TBD

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