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Dear Red Lake County Central School Community,

We have been notified of several positive covid-19 test results and then have traced many more “close contacts” in both schools affecting over 25% of the student population and some staff.

Following consultation with MDH, MDE and our staff and school board, we will be changing from In Person learning to Distance learning.  The first change will be that there will be no school for students on Friday Nov. 13th.  Staff will be working.  Distance learning will begin on Monday Nov. 16th for everyone.

Best education- one model at a time.  We have flexibility and have made many adjustments to the distance learning model from last spring.  Also we will get this up and running and then will be evaluating special education needs on individual educational needs.

This change to distance learning will be for a minimum of two weeks.  Continuous evaluation on the local trend of covid spread, cases, close contact quarantines in both the community, and the student and staff populations.  Distance learning will continue until this increases of cases begins to decline to a safer level and we can effectively have in person learning again.

Varsity and Junior Varsity football and volleyball are currently also on quarantine and are limited to distance interaction, but do have current return dates for practice and competition of Nov. 21 for football and Nov. 24 for volleyball.  Junior High Volleyball is currently practicing and playing.  These sports will also be continuously evaluated up to those dates and after based also on the spread, cases and close contacts within those teams and the community.

Meals- no cost, starting Monday, pickup times and the same four locations as last spring, sign up form will be posted on school website later today.

Daycare for critical workers (definitions and requirements)

The school-age care for children of critical workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home, as all of the parents or legal guardians in the child’s household are Tier I critical workers. If it is a two-parent household and one is not a critical worker, a school is not required to provide free school-age care to the family.  School districts may also deny the school-age care program if parents/guardians have the ability to work from home.  (Appendix of critical workers, tier 1) – for school age students up to age 12, no cost, school hours only, transportation, locations still being determined, encourage parents to help limit potential exposures, spread and close contact quarantines by transporting their own students.  A signup sheet will be posted on the website later today.

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