Migrating school Google Docs to a personal Google Drive

This Guide was put together on a Windows device. The steps will be similar on other types of devices. Remember that you will need to save your files to a flash drive, cloud storage, or personal device as all school devices will be wiped at the end of the school year.
You can also watch the video listed below as a tutorial:
1. Open Google Chrome and sign into your personal Google Drive to see how much space you
have available.

2. Sign into your school Google Drive. Make sure the used space is lower than the available space on your personal Google Drive.
a. If it is continue onto step #3.
b. If it is not, you will first need to determine which files you
will not be migrating to your
personal Google Account. Then move onto step # 3.
c. All files can also be saved to alternate storage (personal computer hard drive, flash drive,
or other cloud storage) or you can upgrade your personal Google Drive storage for a cost.
3. Click the NEW button.
4. Click the folder button, name it, and click create.
5. Press the Ctrl and A Keys to highlight all files and folders in your Google Drive.
6. Press the Ctrl key and left click the folder you created in step 4.
7. Right click one of the highlighted files or folders, Click Move to...
8. Click the folder you created and click the Move Here button
9. Right click the folder and click download.
10. The downloads bar will appear at the bottom of Google Chrome.
11. Right click it and click show in folder (it should be in your downloads folder)
12. Right click the zipped folder and click Extract All...
13. Click Extract
14. Sign into your personal Google Drive.
15. Click the NEW button and click folder upload.
16. Find your folder and click ok.
17. Your folder from your school Google drive is now in your personal Google drive.
Note - Any files created in your school Google Drive in the future will need to be uploaded the same way as above. You could also share the files, but will need to take ownership or make a copy otherwise you will lose that file when your school Google account is deleted.