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February went fast!! We are hoping to get outside more in March. Lots of fresh air will be good for all of us!
This month we will be looking at the letters "Yy" and "Ll". See if you can find these letters as you are reading to your child. Conferences will be scheduled for the older students and some of the younger ones. I will be sending out times later.
We have been working with sarfall.com and ABCya.com on the smart board in the room.
Check out these websites on your home computer or I-pad.

Days: March 7-8-9-14-15-16

We will be looking at the letter: "Yy"

Young Group:

Outside play or Gym: moving with streamers or scarves, yellow snips on a duck picture, banana songs,
hiding a star, lots of yellow books and songs.

Older Group:

Outside play or gym, yellow activities, crayon rubbings, first letter puzzle, yellow pages collage,
yellow snips on a duck picture, bananas, and alphabet and number BINGO on the smart board.


Days: March 21-22-23-28-29-30

We will be looking at the letter: "Ll"

Young Group:

Gym: Big red ball, red light/green light, lacing transportation cards, ladybug coloring, ABC Bingo, and lots of
books from the Red Lake Falls Public Library.

Older Group:

Gym: same as the younger group, loud and soft music, listening Lotto game, guessing jar, Mystery Bag, Share-a-story,
left and right art, lady bug picture, letters cut out of magazines, leaves and ABC floor puzzles.


And much, much more!!


** Remember: Reading and Writing (dictating stories) are very important!!**



ECFE Upcoming Events


Thursday, March 16th: 3 ½ to 5 year old class #4: "Tool-time with Mr. Bernier":
6:00-7:00 PM-Oklee Site- Soup/sandwiches
Call in to register by March 10th!!  Plummer or Oklee Site Number


Tuesday, March 21st: RLCC Family Literacy Night:

5:00-7:00 PM (Pre-k to 6th graders)-Plummer Site- Supper Provided!!


Questions:  School number 465-4222 ext. 218 or home 698-4449 or
E-mail: mhamrum@rlcc.k12.mn.us 

To Raise a Reader you need to be a Reader!!

Contact: Margaret Hamrum