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This month we will be looking at the letters Kk and Xx. Try to find these letters as you read to your child.
See how many words you can find that "start the same". Alliteration-(start the same) and Rhyming-(sound the same)
are very important skills to learn in preschool because it will help with future reading skills.
Practice! Practice! Practice! We will be going outside if the sun is shining and if the temperature is at least 20 degrees.
Please send warm outside clothes (snow pants-hats-mittens) for your child and make sure to label the items.


Days: October 31, November 1-2-7-8-9

We will be looking at the letter: "Kk"

Young Group:

Water color on a kitten picture and finger painting a kite picture, counting kites game, around the house lotto,
story: Cat of Many Colors, and many books.

Older Group:

Number Bingo, popcorn books and art work, sorting keys, finger painting with partners, I-pad, letter k books,
cutting out K’s, the mystery can, the "What is it" bag, the guessing jar and much more.


Days: November 14-15-16-21-22-23-28-29-30

We will be looking at the letter: "Xx"

Young Group:

Playing with rhythm sticks, snipping colored paper for a turkey picture, chalk and chalk boards,
playing Color and Shape Bingo,Hi! Ho! Cherry-O and Max and Ruby books.

Older Group:

X-ray books, musical chairs, playing a xylophone, gluing X’s on paper, Max and Ruby books and a DVD,
Starfall, playing: Tic Tac Toe and putting together a number train puzzle.

And much, much, more!!


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Join us when you can!!

Questions:  School number 465-4222 ext. 218 or home 698-4449 or
E-mail: mhamrum@rlcc.k12.mn.us 

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