ISD 2906, Red Lake County Central Schools
School District News, by Superintendent Guetter

Happy New Year!

The school website is located at and has a lot of additional school information for families and students.  The biggest changes since school let out last spring has been with some facility improvements at both schools.  At the Elementary school, four classrooms received a new coat of pain and new carpet, and the south wing/gymnasium restrooms have undergone a fall remodel and will now be handicap accessible as well.  At the High School, We have replaced some exterior doors, locker room painting, flooring and plumbing, Sound boards and sports signage in the gym, cafeteria flooring, and some changes in the office area.

Enrollment is holding steady with the number of K-12 students over the last five years fluctuating between 370 and 383.  The Sports Boosters are lining up workers for the winter season, contact the school for information on how to join. Please get involved as they help provide many opportunities for our students-athletes as well as other activities. They also provide financial support to families and students in the form of partial reimbursement for activity fees ($15 per activity fee) and for camp costs with reimbursement up to $50 per student per sport or activity. And I'd like to also mention they do a lot of things to help with the overall quality of the programs for our students. Sports Booster membership is for all parents of 7-12th graders once your child begins to participate in any of the High School activities such as Speech, Theatre, Knowledge Bowl or any of the sports, then you are a member and are expected to work.
For your Attention:

  • Please update your SCHOOLREACH ACCOUNT INFORMATION. In this mailing you will find a Phone Information Form from School Reach. Please go online to your Synergy ParentVUE account to check the accuracy of your contact information. If you need to update any contact information, please fill out this form and return to the appropriate school office. This could be additions or deletions of information depending on your situation. There is a link on each schools webpage to Synergy or call either school for assistance.
The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program grant for the elementary school was not granted again this year because our Free and Reduced meal percentage was not high enough. However we will continue the afternoon program again this school year. I would like to thank the many generous donors this past year that helped financially support the program along with the school board for committing to the program to provide fruits and vegetables for the afternoon snack free of cost for students for this upcoming school year. So this leads me to make sure everyone is aware of the financial impact of filling out the FREE &  REDUCED LUNCH PROGRAM APPLICATIONS.

1. Yes for your own benefit, and the price of breakfast and lunches for your children. New this year is  that any student that Qualifies for the "reduced" meal will actually receive a free meal. The State a. roved this in the last le islative session alon with coverin all Kinder arten students the same as any other student. This means for breakfast and lunch they receive a free meal.
  1. The School district benefits. Our Schools had received over $350,000 of revenue from State and Federal funding in 2013-14, but that amount has dropped by over $168,000 the past three years as our FREE  & REDUCED percentage dropped by 13%. All of this is based upon the percentage of students that  qualify for free or reduced meals.
  2. Qualifying for grants, both State and Federal grants are almost always related to the percentage of FREE & REDUCED MEAL percentage of the school.
  3. So the bottom line is, the STATE & FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS have decided to provide a free breakfast and lunch to all families/students that qualify. Sometimes I hear a comment about the thought that the others that pay for meals are then covering the cost of the program meals- well that is wrong, as we receive more in reimbursement for the program meals than what we charge for meals. Which basically means that the program helps out everyone by keeping the meal prices lower for everyone.
  4. And the higher the percentage of students that qualify the more money the schools gets and the more opportunities that are available for grants and other programs to help meet the needs of our schools.
AND a new State program directly related to free & reduced lunch rates, voluntary pre-Kindergarten program for four year olds, it was just announced in August, that RLCC was awarded funding to help support a voluntary pre kindergarten program for four year olds, with no charge to parents. This is new State program, but it is only funded for about 7% of the four year olds across the State. We would not have received this without your help applying for the free & reduced meals program.
Therefore, please fill out and return the forms to either school site. If you would like assistance in filling out the form, please call either school and we can help you. All information is confidential. If you have any questions, please call the school or stop in.
One more thing, with the the end of our holiday break, do your kids a favor and help them get prepared to get back into the schedule for school. Things like bed times and wake up times, schedule changes, doctor and dentist appointments taken care of and to just talk to them about the upcoming school year, their friends and teachers.  Thank you for taking time to do these two things.

Superintendent Jim Guetter


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