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Tuesday, January 23rd, 

Bulletin # 89



Lunch Menu:
Corn Dog, Spudsters, Salad, Fruit

1) Theater, Wrestling, JH BBB, Speech practice in Oklee
2) Elementary Basketball practice in Plummer
3) JH GBB vs. Win-E-Mac in Plummer at 4:30
4) V/JV/C BBB at Roseau 6:00 6:00
5) V/JV GBB vs. Win-E-Mac in Oklee 

1) Wrestling, Theater, Speech, V/JV/ C BBB practice in Oklee
2) No JH GBB practice
3) V/JV GBB practice in Plummer
4) JH BBB practice in RLF at the Hall

1) JH GBB, JH BBB, Theater, Wrestling, Speech practice in Oklee
2) Elementary Basketball practice in Plummer
3) V/JV GBB at Cass Lake/Bena 6:00 p.m.
4) V/JV/C BBB at NCW at Halstad 6:00 

Paraprofessional Week – January 22nd – 26th

Minnesota is home to more than 20,000 paraprofessionals who provide services in multiple settings within
schools, including support for instruction and individual students, and numerous tasks that contribute to
educational success.  We would like to extend a special thank you to RLCC Paraprofessionals who do great
things for kids each and every day. RLCC Paraprofessionals are invaluable to our District and the learning process.   The support and services they provide are essential to improving student achievement and ensuring educational success. Please take time to honor them and their work.

Dates to Remember:
Feb. 5th-Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff at 8:45 in the gym (K-6)
Feb. 14th-Midterm 3rd-Qtr.
Feb. 15th-Science Museum of MN-Dinosaurs-1:30 (K-2)
Feb. 16th & 19th-No School
Feb. 23rd-5th & 6th Grade Ski Trip to Buena Vista-all day
Feb. 20th-March 5th-FAST Testing (1-6)
Feb. 27th-FAST Testing (K)